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Easy accessibility from Patna
By Train, By Road (Marine drive, Digha AIIMS link)

Easy accessibility from other major towns in Bihar -
Chapra, Muzzafarpur, Bhagalpur, Darbhanga, Purnia, Gaya, Motihari

On fast expressway, Railway Factory, Low cost compared to other destinations

Sonepur: Location for New Patna
Patna has been growing at fast pace during last few years. Though this pace of growth has been lower than similarly sized cities of India. In 2001 census Patna was the 14th largest city in India while in 2011 census it had become 18th largest. One of the reasons for the lower comparative growth has been the extremely high real estate prices in the Patna relative to income levels in state. Because of these high prices there is a huge demand for low cost housing and real estate in Patna which has gone unfulfilled. Given the paucity of space around city it is unlikely that low cost housing can come up in Patna.

To look for area where low cost housing can come up one would have to look at location outside the city. Bihta and Sonepur are two locations near to Patna where this is possible. Bihta has been on the radar of real estate investors for some years now. Sonepur is an upstart which some believe can challenge the position of Bihta.
There are two factors that stand out for Sonepur. One is connectivity with Patna and other parts of state and other is pricing of land. Currently the distance of Sonepur from Patna is almost 25 kms as one has to go though Hajipur and Mahatma Gandhi bridge. The bridge itself is a major bottleneck as it is constantly under repairs. But with the new rail cum Road Bridge between Digha and Sonepur coming up this distance would fall to 10.5 km from Digha and about 18 kms from city centre (Dak Bungalow crossing). This is much lower than almost 40 kms distance from Bihta from city centre. Sonepur itself would be on four lane road connecting Hajipur to Chapra. Once the bridge is crossed one can travel in either direction at fast speed. The new bridge would also add railways as means of communication. Fast and low cost travel would be possible though trains. One would be able to reach Sonepur in 20 minutes from Patliputra station. In future travel to Patna from Sonepur would be expedited by marine drive being built along Ganges. It will allow travelers from Sonepur to enter Patna at their location of convenience and not just Digha. One could directly enter at Gandhi Maidan rather than take Ashok Rajpath from Digha when marine drive is ready in four years. Another road which would help communication with Sonepur would be the elevated road being built from Digha to AIIMS. This would provide connectivity to southern part of city for people coming from north of Ganges. This ease of travel to Patna would be something that Bihta would lack once infrastructure comes up. In terms of connectivity with other parts of state Sonepur again scores over Bihta. It connected with northern Bihar and with the bridge and elevated road its connectivity with southern Bihar would also improve.
Pricing is another key factor in which Sonepur scores over Bihta. With huge acquisitions made by state for various projects, land prices have shot though the roof in Bihta. The land availability is also low in Bihta as it is densely populated. The prices in Sonepur are significantly lower even when accounting for other infrastructure costs that would be involved in developing land. On an average price are lower by 30-40% in Sonepur when compared to Bihta.