"We deserve your trust"

Our Management has tremendous experience in market forecasting, resource handling, capacity handling and project deliverance of ventures in the Real Estate and Infrastructure Sectors.
Aryavart Group is spearheaded by two great visionaries, Anurag Aggarwal & Priyamwad Singh – professionals turned into entrepreneurs, who possess the right mix of skill sets and leadership qualities to achieve their goals by following the age old principles of success while embracing new technologies and innovative practices at the same time.
Our Management has the right expertise in executing cost-effective growth-oriented projects for providing best returns on investment to our esteemed patrons.
Collaborative and consistent efforts of our Management under the able guidance of Anurag Aggarwal and Priyamwad Singh has led to the achievement of organizational excellence of Aryavart Group in a short span of time.

Anurag Aggarwal - Co Founder

Anurag Aggarwal's entrepreneurial disposition is the key attribute that is remarkably visible in the vast experience and global recognition he has come to possess at such a young age. Known for developing immaculate business strategies in terms of market research, brand building, corporate communications and channel management, this young achiever has done many successful innovations in the FMCG industry as an entrepreneur. A man with a charismatic persona and global appeal, Mr. Aggarwal has helped more than 5 lac people directly or indirectly with his unique business solutions which has changed their lives completely.
Anurag Aggarwal is an entrepreneur of great business acumen, a world-famous motivational speaker and a true business leader. His cutting edge presentation skills and immense knowledge in diverse fields have established him as an acclaimed educator & a motivational speaker. After successfully completing the MBA programme, the young entrepreneur ventured into the FMCG sector.
After creating milestones in the FMCG industry, Mr. Aggarwal is planning to revamp the Indian Real Estate, Infrastructure & Hospitality Sector. His hands-on approach in making strategies and developing viable ideas portray him as a great business leader and soon the real estate business will witness this in the form of the success story of Aryavart Group.

Priyamwad Singh - Co Founder

Priyamwad Singh is a Mechanical Engineer who served the society as an honest bureaucrat for a long time. As a civil servant, he started his career with Bihar Finance Services as Senior Officer in the Commercial Taxes Department, Government of Bihar. During his tenure he devotedly worked on various important positions and catered to more than 50 big PSUs and many reputed MNCs. Mr. Singh was a part of the pilot batch of State VAT Cell in the execution and implementation of VAT. Mr. Singh organized and participated in various seminars on the VAT system, one of them being collaborated by World Bank itself.
As a deputed officer he served the Department of Transport and Art, Culture and Youth Affairs Ministry with great value addition from his side owing to his expertise. Mr. Singh was designated as Personal Secretary to State Transport Minister and contributed significantly in Government policies and strategy making for effective revenue collection procedures. Besides, these challenging roles, Mr. Priyamwad also served as the Personal Secretary of State Art and Culture Minister during his prolific tenure, and was associated with Publication Division, Archaeology & Museums and promoted various sports and cultural activities in the entire state.
After such a versatile experience, the entrepreneurial spirit of Priyamwad Singh induced him to contribute the India Inc. A voluble and renowned orator, he is a pioneer of India's Direct Selling industry and has transformed the lives of thousands of people in various ways. A world famous motivational speaker and educator, Mr. Singh has delivered hundreds of seminars and workshops both in India and abroad. His ideas have helped the society to grow as his thoughts towards making a change through education and association have changed and inspired many lives.