Green Architecture

"A wave of neo-modernistic construction practice"

Since the inception of the word ‘green’ in the modernised world, its connotation has spread to every aspect of 21st the green concept rejoiced by those who believe in total harmony with nature. As mother earth nurtures the nature tenderly, Green Architecture as a father mitigates all environmental crises and protects each one of us by choosing the perfect blend of eco-friendly building materials and construction practices. century lifestyle. Today’s architecture is backed by

All architecture is the willpower of an era that translates into a modern space. With the rapid evolution of urbanisation and modern outlook for a high-end change, today there is a search for utopian world that demands for sustainability where fresh air, pure water and greenery embrace all with open hands. Green Architecture like a steward of environment felt the need and stepped in the modern era with aesthetic construction practices for the better living of generations.

With the advent of Green architecture, it has expanded markets for green product and services and reduced operational costs by keeping in mind to the never-ending concern of natural resources. Seizing renewable resources like sunlight, rainwater and plants and trees, it has managed successfully to preserve the surrounding environment wherever possible. Not only green building practices provide optimal usage of resources to the existing ecology but also submit its services with proper synergistic design and premium building sites.

As a great philosopher puts it, “organic architecture seeks superior sense of use and a finer sense of comfort, expressed in organic simplicity.” Green architecture pledges to "lift the spirit" of us as well as help save the planet. Thus, it encourages earth shelters, extensive planting and roof gardens. Moreover, research says that such architecture using the solar energy has provided benefits to nature loving people like never before. Also, construction materials used in such architecture promote reduced risks of human health to a drastic extent.

The most vital thing that a father presents to his children is to love their mother and that what Green architecture has been doing since. Apart from designs, comfort, quality and stability, it values earth’s resources and presents individuals to manage personal space and also provides:

  • Maximized passive solar energy
  • Maintain symbiotic relationship between ecology and biodiversity
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Broad ventilation systems aesthetically designed for heating and cooling
  • Lighting and electrical appliances of low cost energy
  • Recycled water and fixtures
  • Naturally obtained stones and woods
  • Efficient use of green landscape

Conclusion- Aryavart

Aryavart Group realises the significant rise of green architecture with bird’s eye. The Group has more than 15 years of prolific experience in realty estate venture. It is poised to contribute the Indian realty sector with professional zeal and meticulous planning by providing holistic property solutions in residential, commercial and retail segment on the pan India basis. Aryavart Group has given a new language to the architectural medium that is socially receptive, environmental friendly and visually germane.