Environment and Safety

In the present architectural scenario in India, construction practices utilise the vast amount of natural resources like energy, water and trees. Buildings requirements account for one-quarter of wood harvest, one-sixth of the world's water withdrawals, and two-fifths of material and energy. Cost of course is another criterion. What is the most pressing concern is that no one takes an iota of care that the construction should not neglect the environmental safety and greenery.

It is not new that India is drawing a global attention of environmental issues. Polluted air, scanty water, crushing atmosphere, soaked up Yamuna and degraded lands are what constitute today’s hapless Indian environment. The environment around us has become a negotiable entity where every human being everyday makes negotiations with natural resources for survival.

In this recent scenario in India, environment and health has become a symbiotic relationship with each other that provides a direct impact to the lifestyle of human beings. India is the one of the most threatened nations where 45% of land area is degraded due to deforestation, construction practices, excessive groundwater extraction and unsustainable farming. According to a research, recently almost 1.8 million deaths occurred due to lack of water. Repeated deforestation leads to the increase of CO2 emission in the atmosphere leading to contaminated air. Besides, environmental hazards spreading diseases like cancer, heart disease, asthma, etc.

The issue related above thus affecting the socio-economic problem in India. To rescue the drowning natural resources, ‘Green Architecture’ has become a surge of new project plan which promotes reliability and recycle of the existing resources. It is a call to the present dilapidated situation to prove its concern to our need of life and projects sustainability and reduce environment catastrophe.

For the safety of our precious environment, Green building has spawned a new way to uplift our lifestyle reducing the need of natural resources in number of ways. Green buildings put forward valuable methodologies in gaining momentum in social and economic factors, especially in India. While preserving earth’s precious resources, they lower building costs and promote cost-efficient outlook for energy and water.

India contributes 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions leading to drastic climate change where 700 million people in India face the threat of global warming. To reduce such big picture problem of the vast environmental, climate, economic and world housing needs, Green Architecture has become a big day relief. The elements of such building are siting, energy-material-water efficient, occupant health safety and building operaions and maintenance. Recent studies unveil that simple and low tech buildings can decrease the rate of sick building symptoms, respiratory disease, allergy, asthma, and enhance worker performance.

Environment safety is our fundamental duty. Understanding how important sustainability could be for the future offsprings, realty businessmen has stepped in for a new venture of ‘Green Architecture’-the torchbearer of tomorrow’s leading building practice for a sustainable future. Aryavart Group is one of them who are taking initiatives to apprise the conscious citizen about green building and cater various housing needs by minimising electrical loads, providing with plenty of afforestation, garden roofs, solar panel, recycled water and adequate ventilation system.